This weekend was another Celebration Founders Day weekend full of events to celebration the community of Celebration, Florida.  A highlight of the weekend was a presentation by Brent Herrington, the first Town Manager of Celebration.  Brent was very involved in the establishment of Celebration and very knowledgeable about the history of the development of the community.

Brent is now the President and CEO of DMB Associates, Inc and creates communities like Celebration across the nation.  As an expert in New Ubanism, Brent has taken his learnings from Celebration and applied them to other planned communities. 

Although New Urbanism started in the 1980’s, it was focused on small communities.  The town of Celebration was one of the first large scale applications of the concept, with the goals of creating a walkable, vibrant and beautiful place that works better for businesses, local governments and their residents.

Brent talked about a study that DMB did that found:

  • 81% of people preferred to live in an average home in a great community to owning a great home in an average community
  • Preferred communities where the homes are diverse instead of homogenous
  • 64% wanted to live in a community where there was a mix of people in different life stages
  • 60% wanted a community that had different prices and variety
  • 85% wanted a small-town feel
  • 90% want to know their neighbors
  • 66% would pay more if there was a strong sense of community
  • 77% said it was important to have activities

Preferred amenities include sidewalks on all streets, walking and biking paths, neighborhood schools, neighborhood parks and a central town center.

Sounds like a lot of people would prefer to live in Celebration! 

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